The Abundance Pool

How does it work?

What is the Abundance Pool?

The Abundance Pool is an opportunity to use the practical techniques that are taught in the Soul of Attraction course.Every other week we will launch a new Facebook campaign to gain new students for the Soul of Attraction course, and you will have the option of joining these campaigns as a member of The Abundance Pool.The Abundance Pool is a group of people pooling their money to run a Facebook ad campaign together. When new people click on the Facebook ads to watch the free webinar that you have seen, and purchase the Soul of Attraction course, 50% of the tuition paid by those new members will be distributed equally among the members of the Abundance Pool.In keeping with the spirit of abundance, there isn’t just one Abundance Pool; there are many.

When you first join the Soul of Attraction program, you automatically reserve one share in the Abundance Pool. After you experience the dramatic flow of abundance that comes from working with these techniques, you will have the option to join every upcoming campaign.New campaigns are planned to be launched every 2 weeks. You will receive an email before we launch each Facebook ad campaign, asking if you want to join the next Abundance Pool.You have the option of purchasing 1 to 4 shares for $50 apiece. Each share represents thousands of views on Facebook, and after a percentage of those new viewers join the webinar and purchase the program, half of the total earnings from that campaign will go into the pool to be dispersed equally among all the members.



If there are 100 shares in a given Abundance Pool (or 100 people who have paid $50 each) and 200 people sign up as a result of that $5000 campaign, a total of $199,400 will have been generated. Half of that, or $99,700, is paid equally to the 100 share holders, giving each member $997.

Remember that this repeats itself every other week, or twice a month. If you are in two pools in a given month and the same numbers are repeated, then each member would receive $1994 for that month.

With the numbers given above, if you bought four shares for $200 in each pool, instead of just one, you would receive $7976 that month.

Would you like additional spots in the Abundance Pool?

You can purchase up to 4 additional spots in every 2-week Abundance Pool. BUY NOW