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Tools for Promotion – Email Copy

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Email 1

Subject Line:

Did you see the movie, the Secret?


I’m wondering if you had the same reaction to The Secret that I did.

I thought: “This is all about what I want, not about what’s good for my soul.”

There is another Law that is infinitely stronger – and James Twyman is teaching a free webinar on The Soul of Attraction.

Will you watch it with me?

Go here:

I watched this webinar, and I experienced something that could change my life.

Email 2

Subject Line:

Let’s join the Abundance Pool together.


What if I told you that there is a manifestation secret that could result in making hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month, without doing anything?

You’re not going to be asked to sell anything or even pick up the phone, but the results of The Abundance Pool are really impressive.

James Twyman made his name by sharing ancient information that was hidden for 3500 years, and now he is demonstrating the power of that information by easily attracting thousands of dollars into your bank account.

Watch this free webinar to learn all about it:

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