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Use these for promoting your affiliate link

How to promote the Soul of Attraction on Facebook in 5 easy steps

** best accomplished on a desktop computer

Step 1: Download this video

Click on the Download icon in the lower-right hand corner of this video player.

** If you do not see a down-arrow in the lower-right hand corner of the player above, try this button.

** You may have to right-click or control-click and select ‘Download Video As’ or ‘Save Video As,’ depending on your system.

Step 2: Copy this text:

Why are spiritual people often poor?

I attended this webinar and want to invite you to do the same.

What if you learned there’s a 3500 year old secret that releases the power of your Soul to create miracles in your life and in the world?

NY Times bestselling author James Twyman has taught millions of people this secret and he wants to invite you to a free webinar called THE SOUL OF ATTRACTION. In the webinar you’ll learn how to use the most powerful manifestation tool in the history of the world to heal your life and the world. If it worked for Moses it can work for you!

Click here to register: 


Step 3: Make a video post on Facebook.

Upload the video file that you downloaded. You can either drag the file into the text field of the Facebook Post, or click ‘Upload Photo/Video’ and then select the video file from your computer.

Step 4: Paste the copied text.

In the main body of the post, paste the text that you copied as the description.

Step 5: Paste your affiliate link.

At the bottom of the post, replace ‘XXXXYOURAFFILIATELINKXXXX’ with the affiliate link that was emailed to you after you signed up for the Soul of Attraction 8-week course, and received the first email about the Abundance Pool. 

We will be sending out periodic new videos, photos, and posts so that you will always have new tools to work with.