Frequently Asked Questions

The Soul of Attraction Program is divided into two parts:

The Online Course

After you’ve listened to the webinar with James Twyman you’ll be able to register for the online Soul of Attraction course. You’ll immediately receive an email with the links you’ll use to access the lessons. Though the program is designed to be an eight week course, you are welcome to listen to the lessons at your own pace. You will also have the ability to join the live lessons James and guests will offer Monday through Friday. These live lessons will take place through our conference call line. All of the information for the live calls and the lessons will be provided when you register.

The Affiliate Program

Once you’ve registered for The Soul of Attraction online course, you’ll qualify as an affiliate and will earn commissions when other students join the program. This happens in two ways:

  1. When you share the program on your personal social media pages or with people directly.
  2. When you participate in our twice a month Abundance Pool (when we send out Facebook posts in your name).


Sharing on personal social media or with people directly:

Once you’ve registered you’ll be provided with ready made ads for Facebook with a personal affiliate link. You’ll use these to post information about the Soul of Attraction course on your Facebook or other social media pages. This allows us to track anyone who joins the program based on your efforts. You will receive a commission of $498.50 for every new student you refer either directly or through Facebook.

The Abundance Pool:

This is the most exciting part of the program, and it’s how you will achieve lasting abundance without having to speak to anyone about the program.

When you first register we’ll send your Facebook post to thousands of people and you’ll receive credit for anyone who signs up based on what we call the Abundance Pool. The pool allows us to combine our marketing efforts which helps us to expand the reach of our Facebook posts. The posts go out to approximately 10,000 Facebook users for each person in the pool. In other words, if there are ten people in an Abundance pool, then the post will be marketed to approximately 100,000 Facebook users. A commission of 50% ($498.50) is set aside each time someone signs up for the program. If 20 people sign up from a particular Facebook post that went out to 100,000, and there are 10 people in that Abundance Pool, then each person in the pool makes $997. That’s twice a month if you choose to join subsequent pools!

Let me explain that another way to make sure you understand. When you register for the Soul of Attraction course we’ll send out approximately 10,000 Facebook ads (or 20,000 if you signed up within four hours of the webinar) for you and everyone else who is in that current Abundance Pool. Hundreds of people will sign up for the webinar through those ads and then a certain percentage of them will actually register for the course. You don’t have to do anything to attract or maintain these people, just be in the pool. Fifty percent of the money received from these new students goes into an account that is then distributed to everyone in that pool. Though there’s no way for us to know how much commission will come in from each Abundance Pool, we anticipate that each person will receive hundreds of even thousands of dollars every two weeks.

And here’s something else you’ll love…

You are automatically in the first pool after you register for the course, but we’re guessing when you see how well this program works, you’ll want to be in every single pool after that. We’ll start a new pool every two weeks, and you can buy between one and four “shares” for $50 each, which translates into approximately 10,000 people seeing your ad for every share you have in the pool. In other words, if you decide to buy four shares for $200, then your ad in the pool will go out to approximately 40,000. Using the rough estimate we shared above, that means you could receive $3988.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Is this a pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing?

Definitely not. Pyramid schemes are illegal because there is not an actual product being sold. In this case, the product is the online Soul of Attraction course. We have consulted with our attorney and are assured that what we are offering is completely legal and ethical. Also, this is not a typical multi-level marketing company because there are no multiple commission levels – only one. This is an affiliate marketing program – we help you market the program to others through Facebook, etc. and you receive a commission of 50%. It’s very simple.


2. If I do not have the resources to register for the course now, can I do it at a later date?

Yes, of course. The only difference is that we will only send your ad out to 10,000 people in your first pool instead of the 20,000 if you signed up within four hours of the webinar. Our suggestion is that if you are serious about this amazing offer, find a way to make it happen now rather than waiting. It will mean the difference in hundreds of dollars.


3. I’m confused about the Abundance Pool. Can you explain that again?

Of course. In the webinar we said that we’ll send your Facebook ad out to 10,000 right away, or 20,000 if you sign up within four hours of the webinar. This is done through an Abundance Pool. It’s really very simple – we dedicated $50 from each person in the program to the pool which gives us more leverage on Facebook. In other words, we can dedicate more money to an ad campaign for the Soul of Attraction course. Fifty percent of the money that comes in because of that Abundance Pool is distributed to everyone who is in that pool. You can buy additional shares at $50 apiece which gives you a larger share of the pie. The best thing about the Abundance Pool is that you don’t need to sell anything or be involved at all, and you’ll still receive a share of the profits.


4. Can I get out of the Abundance Pool whenever I choose?

After the first pool, which you are in automatically, it’s your choice whether you want to be in more. You will pay $50 per share each time you want to join, and you can buy as many as four shares in each pool. In other words, you can spend as much as $200 in a given pool twice a month since we will be launching a new pool every two weeks. The more shares you buy the more slices of the pie you get. Someone who has four shares makes four times more money from the pool as someone who has one share. We’re confident that you’ll be making so much money that you’ll want to be in every Abundance Pool we offer.


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